Thursday, September 22, 2016

Like Shifting With a "Geisha's Ceremonial Dildo"

We're headed to JCCS this weekend, and my hand-made bosozoku shift knob just came in the mail today nearly a month after it was ordered.

It's ridiculous, of course, but it's also colorful and fun, and with no stickers, wings, neon, randomly applied plasti-dip, stick-on chrome vents, demon camber, orange wheels or other tacky garbage anywhere to be found, the Mean Mommy Wagon could otherwise easily be accused of taking itself too seriously.

My wife says it's like shifting with a "geisha's ceremonial dildo." I can't top that, folks.

Quirky Japanese Stuff: ANF One & Two

The ANF fleet close to a year ago, I'd guess.

The Subaru still has terrible fitment (though new wheels are on the way, so not for long) and has also picked up a Bernie Sanders 2016 sticker that I refuse to remove.

The RX-7 is gone, sadly. I need another rotary in my life.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sorry Baby, I Had to Crash That Honda: Butch's Blue Bookshelf Bburago Bugatti

spotted this during a recent re-watch--only took a hundred times to notice it

Bugatti Diesel Powered Pur Sang T35B

This Argentine built Pur Sang T35B is an identical replica of Ettore Bugatti's original design, right down to bespoke odd-sized square head hardware and the elaborate methods utilized in its construction--unchanged from those employed by Molsheim's craftsmen nearly 100 years ago.

In fact the only physical difference between this circa-2001 car and one built 75 years earlier would be found in its engine, if one was fitted. Reportedly, the car was ordered without, and has never been made complete.

Pur Sang will sell you a fully accessorized, palletized, and ready-to-fit 2.3 liter, SOHC, 24-valve, supercharged straight-eight for $130k or so, but it won't have roller crank bearings and it won't run a magneto--in the interest of drastically improved reliability, plain bearings and a distributor are substituted.

2.3 liter straight-eight. note the blower and cam drive--the shaft extending through firewall drives a magneto (distributor in Pur Sang spec), while the belt to the left drives tachometer. Bugatti's distinct monoblock design means no separate cylinder head

Or, for about 4% of said engine's list price, one could just buy this Bugatti diesel (scroll about 1/3rd down) and really put some weight over the exquisitely made, tapered, hollow front axle.
Bugatti diesel--like a regular diesel, but no more elegant

Thus equipped, I'd drive it to Pebble Beach and a few other snooty concours, deeply offend some folks in pressed khakis, and provided we made it out alive, return home and put in a great sounding straight six--Datsun or perhaps Jaguar--and then proceed to drive the wheels off at every opportunity.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Name That Engine - Round One

A few hints:

DOHC per-bank
Six valves per cylinder
Fuel injected
Roller bearing crankshaft
Twin turbo
High revving