Monday, December 31, 2012

Hunting Cars on Instagram

It's not all photos of dogs, fedora'd beardies, neon Wayfarer knock-offs and steaming bowls of pho - some hipsters like cars, too.  I spent the last few minutes over at Statigram perusing under a handful of tags like #AW11, #4AGE, #Tatra, #512TR and #Corvair and came across dozens of cool, lo-fi snaps so crap their somehow good.

So let's have a little contest - submit your favorite automobilia themed Instagrams by tagging them #autoneuroticfixationcontest or linking them in the comments section below, and on 1/15/13 I'll pick a handful of the best and send the submitters a prize.  Something like a brochure, promotional poster, Tomica die-cast or a Choro Q.  Winners will be contacted via Instagram messaging or comment replies, depending on your method of submission.  If you choose to submit through the blog, be sure to subscribe to the thread.  Happy hunting!

Here's a few I found earlier: