Sunday, March 25, 2012

Boschert B300

In the late Eighties, German engineer Hartmut Boschert founded the eponymous Boschert company and built a small number of these gullwinged, Mercedes Benz-based coupes.
B300 and 300 SLR
Created from a heavily modified W124 chassis 300CE, B300s featured the then brand new W129 SL's nose and a C-pillar relocated 25mm forward, while the rear overhang was equally reduced.

Exactly how many B300s were built is unclear, but it is known that most had conventional side-opening doors and that many were equipped with a twin-turbo conversion - these cars were known as the B300-C 24 Biturbo.

Not a whole lot to write about this car, really - there simply isn't enough available information.  It's a neat oddity though, and the mystery surrounding it is exactly what interests me - besides, one can never accumulate too much obscure car trivia with which to bore people stupid.
subtlety over the top
a B300 with conventional doors
prototypes had a split side window, "production" models did not

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