Sunday, March 25, 2012

Italdesign Capsula

I've always been a big fan of Giorgetto Giugiaro and Italdesign, mainly because unconventional thinking used towards practical solutions seems to be a specialty of his carrozzeria.  Based on the delightful little Alfa Romeo Alfasud, the Capsula concept from 1982 demonstrates this very well.

From Italdesign's own site:

"Capsula is thought around an innovative concept: the one of the platform that includes engine, driving shaft, tank, spare wheel, trunk, servobrake, heater , optical groups.

The chassis is inspired by buses and small industrial vehicles, is completely equipped and self sufficient.

The compartment is a capsule applied to the chassis in a fast and easy way, and can be substituted in every moment transforming the Capsula in a commercial vehicle, or in an ambulance or in a rescue vehicle.

In the berline version, the research is focused on internal compartment, bigger than contemporary VW Golf 1 and Mercedes 380SE, in just 3720 mm length."  Super cool.

The uber eighties aesthetic reminds me of my early childhood fascination with design, and just really captures the whole feel of what the future looked like during that decade.

Here's a small gallery of the car/truck/van:


  1. The nose and portions of interior are clearly based on the MkI Fiat Panda, which is neat. I've always admired Italdesign and mr. Giugiaro. An extensive library of their magic can be found here, in case you haven't already stumbled upon this Russian gem of a site.

    1. It does look quite a bit like the MKI Panda in detail now that you mention it.

      I wasn't aware of that site, thanks for sharing - should be a good source for material.

  2. They feature only photos, but they have stuff I wasn't able to find anywhere else. Sometimes they do have some text materials for some cars (checking the comments below each photo is a an excellent way of finding even more obscure stuff), but it's usually all in Russian. Since I really dig your car taste, I thought it might be helpful when trying to find numerous European, Asian or other exotics. Anyway, cheers again and thanks for all your excellent stuff. Back to reading now!