Friday, April 13, 2012

Automotive Engineering Dreamland - Eddin's Moto

Eddin's Moto is a vintage Italian specialist shop in Berkeley, California.  The owner/operator, Jaan, is a brilliant mechanic with a real eye for engineering beauty.  Old Lancias, being among the most fascinating and elegantly designed cars ever built, are his favorite.

His website is confusing, cramped, difficult to navigate, rarely updated and full of hidden and miscategorized pages.  It all feels appropriate though, lending a real magical garden kind of feel to the site - layer upon layer of engineering idiosyncrasies and mechanical wonders wait there to be discovered, and the reward is huge.  For example, Jaan's detailed and fascinating account of the resurrection of a Citroen GSA, or the overhaul of a Lancia Flaminia transaxle - both are the kind of read you want to enjoy with a beer and a nice sandwich.

I recommend starting on the "What's in the Shop Now?" page - today I see Lambos, Alfas, Citroens, Porsches, Ferraris, Maseratis, Fiats, a Suzuki Swift GTI, a Cisitalia, a Triumph and several of the ever-present Lancias that are his specialty.

Jaan is a real gearhead connoisseur and artisan, blessed with both exquisite taste and innate mechanical skill.  His site is a must read, an undiscovered temple of hardcore car porn for the serious and sophisticated car geek.  Go grab a drink, make that sandwich, clear the next several hours of your schedule and have fun.

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