Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flu Induced Writer's Block - Back to Business Soon

I have several pieces I'm working on right now, but can't find the inspiration or energy to do a proper final edit on any of them - I've tried, and the results aren't great when you force it.

I'm sincerely very grateful and honored to have so many repeat viewers at such an early stage in my blog's existence, and I promise to you all I won't stop working to bring you quality, original content - I find deep satisfaction in it.

Randy the gearhead prototype's interview is coming soon, he's a busy guy and also a perfectionist.  If you're reading this man, take your time - I know it will be worth the wait.

In addition to more editorials and photos/videos, I'll continue to cover Cars & Coffee Irvine for at least two events per month for the foreseeable future.  The reward of varied and fascinating machinery, friendly conversations with fellow car nuts and traditional post-show breakfast with friends and family is something to be savored as frequently as possible - even if it does mean a 4:30 AM start on a 200 mile round-trip!

Thank you all for your readership - it means a lot.




  1. Good work! I thought that every car out there has been covered at least twice now by car blogs, but you've written about cars/topics that no one else has raised. Keep it up!