Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Shoes for the Mommywagon

Just scored four brand new, in the box 18" anthracite Prodrive/OZ P1s for $100 a piece.  Retail is over $600 per corner!

Sometimes, Craigslist is worth the hassle.


  1. Awesome find for sure. Funny about Craiglist, we were just talking about how Kevin's boss was recently burglarized from someone they connected with on Craiglist! They took thousands of dollars from their home! I gave it a try one more time to try selling my old Ducati Helmet a week ago. Four flakes and 18 low ball offers under $50.00 later, I gave up! Can't wait to see them on the Subie!

  2. Did they fall off the back of a truck, or what?

  3. @ Randy,

    I like to add to my posts "flaking is a sign of weak character" - they still flake in droves.

    @ Maxilane,

    I don't know - the seller was a cranky ond guy who had a storage space full of them in Riverside. The whole storage facility was car-related, and the space next door to his was a hot rod restoration shop. According to my brother in law (he attends UCR and picked them up for me) the whole place felt kinda seedy.