Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Perfect Car? An Ode to My Legacy

It's been through three head gaskets, 15,000 gallons of gas, countless quarts of oil and suffered a catastrophic fifth gear failure.  It's been driven to the top of 200' tall sand dunes, plowed through foot-deep mud, drifted around ramps at ridiculous slip angles, hauled dogs, bricks, furniture, cement, fertilizer, tools and camping gear.  It's comfortable, refined, rides well, has more ground clearance than a Ford Explorer and handles like a sports sedan.  It's full of interesting and unique engineering and has a loud, obnoxious cat-back exhaust that gurgles, warbles and pops everywhere it goes.  My wife and I have valeted it at fancy restaurants, taken it to orchestra hall and parked it alone on sketchy Tijuana streets.  We've been to the drive-in theater in it, laughed in it, argued in it, slept in it, eaten in it.  It has a built-in child seat but we have no kids.  It's been around the world fifteen times and is still kicking hard.

I love my 2000 Legacy Outback, and I'll probably never part with it.

The next chapter of the Mommywagon is now just beginning.  I recently scored a set of 18" Prodrive P1s at a price so good it could be considered theft, and they've become the impetus to start modding the car how I've always wanted to.  A set of coilovers is coming soon, all bushings will be replaced with polyurethane performance items, a big fat rear sway bar will be installed as well as front and rear (with quick-release for cargo-hauling) strut tower braces.  Eventually I'll hunt down a wrecked STi and scavenge its seats, brakes and three spoke air-bagged Momo steering wheel.  The tan bottom cladding will be repainted blue to match the rest of the car very soon.

The goal is to have something still comfortable enough for daily grocery-getter status while retaining most of the versatility we've come to love it for, all the while being able to out corner some rather serious performance machinery at trackdays/auto-x events - I think it will fit the bill pretty nicely.

the goal - same color, same wheels (though pictured may be 17"s)

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