Monday, April 16, 2012

Ronin Exige Wrecked

This morning on the 101 Freeway.

Here's the owner's calm and measured explanation of events:

"I was rear ended by some fuckin cunt in a Porsche while on the fwy. He hit my left rear and spun me, I ended up in the right side wall.... I can't wait to see this fuckin cunt in jail for a hit and run...Fuckin cunt Porsche owners...No one in front of me or in ether laneon my side and this cunt hits me up the ass...what does that tell ya about Porsche owners...always lookin for a cute ass even if it's an old dude."

I've seen this beast in person, it's absolutely as insane as a 700 HP twincharged Exige sounds - and more.  Here's hoping it's back to rude health quickly, tearing up canyons and terrorizing superbike riders like it should.


  1. So it was a hit and run? I can't believe a Porsche would do that...they have great insurance!

  2. So what could have been an administrative insurance claim is now a criminal offence. I won't generalize about Porsche drivers, but the one who hit him is an idiot.

  3. Dick... That is a truly magnificent machine. I hope you can have it fixed an running again soon. Keep us updated.

  4. Oh Frank, he has such a way with words. If he wasn't such a colossal ass, I would feel sorry for him.

  5. Generally speaking, a 3000lb Porsche running 'up his ass' would leave a mark... Possibly even bending those aluminum wing supports before cracking the fiberglass. As a racing instructor, that damage is clearly caused by 2100lb Lotus hitting a concrete barrier after losing traction. There may have been a Porsche in this street racing incident, but clearly an admission of street racing would invalidate insurance claims and land him in jail.. Hence the fairy tale.

    My advice Frank... Fix it back up... And this time install a RaceLogic traction control system... And bring it to the track where the real performance drivers play. Its a kick-ass car and plenty fast... But my Honda powered Lotus widebody may just give it a run for the money! ;-)