Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Fantasy Garage Game

I know you.  I know you visit the junkyard just to relax and have a look around, and that you peek into interesting cars in parking lots to see if they're stickshifts.  I know you hoard old car magazines, matchbox toys and automobilia, that you browse Craigslist and eBay for cars you can't afford and don't have room for.  I know you lie awake at night dreaming about engine swaps.  I know when approaching a tunnel, you drop the windows - plus a gear or two - and then give it a big bootful of throttle.  I know you hoon your shopping cart around aisle corners with a few degrees of oppo, and I know you play the Fantasy Garage Game too.

You've got a five car garage and unlimited resources with which to stock it, but there are a few rules:

Garage bay one is for your daily driver.  Tune it all you want, as long as it remains practical, comfortable and reliable.

Bay two is for your town car, the classy cruiser.  Reserved for nights on the town with your wife or shuttling friends and family to and from the airport.

Behind door three is the supercar.  Think Enzo, F1, Countach, Carrera GT - that sort of thing.

The fourth spot is for a trackday weapon.  Caterhams, Elises, Ariel Atoms - focused, lightweight machines with lots of power and built-in tuneability.

Fifth and final space is for the toy hauler.  You'll need something utilitarian and grunty for pulling your track toy and barnfinds.

To start the game, here are my (current - subject to change daily) choices:

daily driver - Subaru Forester STi
towncar - Citroen DS
supercar - Bugatti EB110
trackday toy - 911 GT3 RSR
tow rig - early LWB Land Rover with an SBC

So, what's in your fantasy garage?

Credit to Snuze: The New Slobalt on Oppositelock for the refined format, if not the idea.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vintage BMW Speedster Somewhere in Europe

An Idyllic scene.

Twelve Rotor Wankel

What is this I don't even.

960 cubic inches

Redline: 8,500-9,000

Naturally aspirated (87 octane) 1,440 HP

10 lbs boost (87 octane) 2,400 HP

25 lbs boost (110 octane) 3,600 HP

50 lbs boost (116 octane) 5,400 HP

Thanks to suju89 on Oppositelock

Monday, May 28, 2012

Cars & Coffee, Irvine - 5/26/12

The day before it had rained, and the morning was cold and gray, and as a result turnout wasn't spectacular.  However, a less than spectacular showing at C&C is still amazing by the standards of nearly any other casual car show in the world - It's hard to be disappointed when you're up close to a supercharged Cord convertible or an unrestored Honda S800 coupe. 

Before yesterday, I had never bothered to check out the overflow lot - based on the unbelievably sexy modded FC3S RX-7 I found there, I've been missing out.  "Me and Mrs. Rex - we got a thiiiiiing, goin on..." ran through my head as I shot her from all angles - what a car.

Not sure what happened with the random large photos, but I can't seem to figure out how to fix it - I wish I knew how to make them all that size!  Blogger's WYSIWYG HTML editor is a bit wonky at best, and I know when a battle's been lost. 

Anyway, enjoy another week's artless and amateurish car photos, or don't, it's cool.