Thursday, May 24, 2012

B16A Swapped First Generation CRX

Regardless of the image problem these old Hondas have, no one can deny that they're fantastic little cars when judged on their actual merits, and not on their propensity to be owned by d-bag date rape afficionados. 

I learned to drive stick in one of these, though it wasn't an Si and it wasn't in the best of shape either.  Despite the car's astronomical mileage and less than stellar maintenance record, it was still a lovely drive, with an easy, progressive clutch, butter-smooth and accurate shifter, light and communicative manual steering and the sweetest chassis balance.

The car belonged to my dad, who had just moved to Florida.  I left Chicago to spend a summer with him when I was sixteen or so, and I distinctly remember the odd old hillbilly salesman who sold it to him - he kept saying things like "yep, them Crixxes are damn good lil' cars!" and "I bit my daughter a Hunda to get around in - goooood lil' Jap cars!" 

To this day, I still call them "Hunda Crixxes".

What a sweet-sounding little twin cam.  Peep the JDM half-fliplights.

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