Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cars & Coffee, Irvine - 5/5/12

I apologize for the abysmal quality of these photos, I really need a DSLR.  And more talent.  

The highlight of the day for me was finally seeing a Subayota in person, in this case a copperish Scion FR-S.  Slightly awkward detailing aside, it looks fantastic in the metal - small, taught, shapely and purposeful.  Chatting with Tiger, the friendly and genuinely enthusiastic Scion rep Toyota production engineer was a pleasure, and when he offered me a chance to sit in the car I nearly leapt through the window - Dukes of Hazard style.  Once situated behind the small, chunkily-rimmed wheel I was immediately struck by the notion that it had the most comfortable driving position I've ever experienced.  This isn't a numbers car, it's a details car - and from what it looks like, from what it feels like, all the important bits are spot-on.  I'll definitely be picking up a lightly-used one in two-to-three years' time.

this... thing... ugh.  spotted in spectator parking.

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  1. Tiger was actually a production engineer directly involved w/ the developement of the FRS. I wish more "labcoat" reps that bring in yet to be released cars would be so congenial! I remember the McLaren guy was a snob!