Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Front Wheel Drive E30 M3 - Honda Integra Type R

The DC2 Integra Type R represents a Honda of a different era, Honda at its peak.  evo called it "the greatest front wheel drive performance car ever".

Its engine was hand assembled and revved to 9000 RPM.  Its chassis, with four wheel double wishbones, was near identical in setup to the group N racers for which it was an homologation special.  Weight saving measures included thinner glass, less sound insulation and even hollow pile floor carpet!  A helical limited slip differential combined with Honda's traditional butter smooth and rifle bolt precise shifter rounded out the package.

The Type R was light, precise, maleable.  It refused to understeer and the rear could easily be adjusted on the throttle.  Think of a front wheel drive BMW E30 M3 and you've got a clear idea of what made it so special.

A dream of mine is to find a clean, unmodified, low-mileage example (good luck!), preferably in white.  I'd swap on a JDM front fascia (which in my opinion offered a much prettier look than the rather ungainly quad projector USDM look), maybe some stainless brake lines - and then leave it the hell alone.


JDM front fascia

B18C spec R

Iconic red Recaros and titanium shift knob

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