Friday, June 15, 2012

Dashboard Boombox

I'm headed to the junkyard early this morning to look for a suitable candidate.  Right now I'm thinking MKI Golf, Saab 900 (pictured) or any other relatively simple shape with a high-mounted radio - any recommendations?

I'll finish off the bottom, sides and back with MDF, then cover it all in matching vinyl.  I intend to keep the dash lighting functional and hide an iPod dock in the glove box.  It won't need to be highly portable, so I'll use a 120V to 12V transformer for power - dude looks cool, but his back is gonna be killin' after a day spent carrying around a DieHard on his shoulder.  Speakers will most likely by 6" x 9" and mounted on top, and if space permits, on the sides as well - perhaps recessed behind a flush-fitting black cloth grill.  

Should be a fun and relatively inexpensive project, and make for a cool (read: incredibly nerdy) backyard BBQ sound system.

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