Friday, June 22, 2012

Supra Garden Hose Reel

I've always wanted to do this, and today I finally did.  

The wheel is nearly flawless, the lighting and water beading make it look much rougher than it really is.  Note this is in my backyard, might be a bit much for the front!  Excuse the sorry condition of my lawn, we're in the middle of replacing it with xeriscaping.  Also, the post needs paint and the wheel matching lug nuts - in time, for now I'm happy with it.  Goodyear hose because Advan only make tires.


  1. that is superb -- it's like the outdoor equivalent of the wheel coffee table:

    nice wheel, too, although i always thought they looked better on the mitsubishi starion.

    1. Thanks! That table is awesome.

      The Starion wheels were five spokes, but otherwise very similar. There were quite a few cool wheels to chose from at the junkyard, including some rough but amazing deep dish SSR MK1s (on a 240Z, searched the whole filthy car for a good 15 minutes for the lug key), Saab Aero three spokes and smoke gray 850R ninja stars. It was a tough choice.