Friday, June 8, 2012

Toyota Crown Coupe

Toyota's less attractive, less athletic 510.  A cool alternative nonetheless - I find the Crown's slightly awkward looks to be really endearing, and being a small, lightweight rear wheel drive platform they can be made to handle well pretty easily.  Imagine an 18RG or 20V 4AGE swapped in between the front strut towers, sidedraft carbs or individual throttle bodies honking, that twin cam bark from the exhaust - music!  Now picture your choice of motor hooked up to a five or six speed with an LSD at the rear and you've got a recipe for one ton of fun.  Nothing like a small, boxy FR coupe with well-resolved suspension and a cracking drivetrain for pure driving thrills.

Via Riverside


  1. This Corona originally had a 70hp 1.5 and when the 90hp 1.9 came out it was really competitive with the 96hp 1.6 510. But a bit ugly!!

    1. Matt,

      I wasn't aware it could be had with that much power. Ugly, but pillarless too!