Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Corsche? Porvair? 911 Powered AWD Corvair

"The Corvair is a wild project.  Alan being a Porsche man, it has a 993 engine and trans fit to a 964 front end.  The two are connected with a lengthened driveshaft, as the wheelbase is a full 18" longer than the Porsche's!  The Corvair was gutted and Porsche front and rear clips were welded inside the openings and tied into the subframes.  The stock Porsche climate control system is up forward, and the chin spoiler produces a slight negative pressure to help pull air from the front-mounted horizontal heat exchanger for the A/C.  The interior has the Porsche dash and seat fitted, and the wheels (which I think really look great on the car) are Porsche spare wheels from a couple different models.

The business end.  The 3.6L is stuffed in there admirably.  The car retains its aircooled six-cylinder heritage, but gains more than double the power and an extra set of drive wheels!  Alan says the handling so far seems great, but it hasn't been out of the immediate area so there will likely be some shake-down tales to come.  We were suitably impressed by the level of weirdness which perhaps exceeds our own."

Brilliant.  If well sorted, I'd almost prefer this over a 964 or 993, and I'm more than a bit of a Porschephile.


Edit:  I just found this was already posted on Hooniverse some time ago.  Oh well, still super cool.


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