Monday, July 23, 2012

Lamborghini Jarama

This car gets a lot of flak for being bland - to me, it's anything but.  Italian design of this era (and everyone else's, really) was all about simple, straight lines.  What separates the Jarama from the pack, along with other good Italian cars of the period, is detailing and proportion.  I've seen a few of these in person, and they're impossibly wide, low and squat - much more so than comes across in photos.  The brightwork, lighting, wheel arches and other features are all so delicate, so spot on.  

The Jarama's allure is subtle and quiet, and I guess that's where it fails - Lambos are supposed to exude a crass, loud and shouty kind of beauty.  Perhaps if it was built as a DeTomaso or an Alfa it would be more kindly remembered.

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  1. Anyone who calls any old school Lambo bland, Uracco, Espada, Miura not a real enthusiast. All you have to think is what peasants where driving the same year these cars went on sale! In 1970-1976...there really were not many cars that looked this aggressive and special!