Monday, July 30, 2012

Self Flagellation - SA22C RX-7

I want one pretty badly.  Something about the purity of line on the early, pre FB3S facelift cars really appeals to me.  

I know the 10A 12A is gutless, that it'd be difficult to keep running, that it'd suck gas and oil at an alarming rate for very little in the way of accelerative return.  I don't care at all.  All of the car's inadequacies are more than compensated for by character and personality.  As far as the quirky and obsolete stuff that makes old cars fun, it ticks a lot of boxes - solid rear axle, forward tilting hood, flip up lights and a manual choke!

Nevermind that when attempting to start my weed trimmer I flood it 90% of the time, I want to experience its ritual - pumping the accelerator, tickling the choke, the deep breath and moment of anticipation before turning the ignition key - will it churn to life?  Or will you be stuck pulling the plugs and draining the chambers of excess fuel?  If you're lucky, the reward is that characteristic "brap, brap, brap, brap" idle and lots of turbine smooth revs - if not, you get to perform a meditative task and simultaneously improve your wrenching skills.  It all sounds like a persistent, royal, delightful pain in the ass.

I've heard the key to a happy life is living minimally and savoring the senses, savoring the moment.  I think an SA22C would provide these simple thrills by the bucketload.


  1. Very cool article. I too love the SA22's. However, I do believe the engine was a 12A, not a 10A. That engine was in earlier RX cars.

    1. Thanks!

      You're right about the 12A - I've corrected the text.

  2. A guy I knew in college had one that he bought for less than $1,000. I remember 1) the manual choke and 2) it was tiny. He insisted that his gf sit in the passenger seat so I was crouched in a fetal position in the "luggage compartment".