Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Texture, Line and Color in Molsheim

I'm not a huge fan of the Veryron.  It's indisputably a stunning engineering achievement and for that I admire it deeply, but it's just never ignited any passion in me.  Aurally, visually and viscerally, it just doesn't excite me.
With that disclaimer, I do find a lot of Bugatti's industrial design work, particularly on their numerous special and limited editions, to be simply fantastic.  Below are two examples of this excellent work - the chosen colors, textures and refined details provide some tension and sophistication to what is at its core an inelegant, unresolved and visually massive design.  

If at its best, the Veyron is still just a pig in a pretty dress, imagine what Bugatti's talented art and color staff would be able to do at Pagani.  The Zonda and Huayra are innately attractive cars that suffer from baroque detailing, with a little bit of the magic worked on these Veyrons, they could be absolute stunners.

Zonda headlights
Huayra interior

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