Friday, July 20, 2012

Trolling Purists, Having Fun - Corvair Powered 912

My recent post about a 911 powered, AWD Corvair got me thinking, why not a Corvair powered Porsche?  

I'm obviously no purist, in fact I find that whole ideology to be a big turn off.  Cars are supposed to be a fun, lighthearted hobby - if I want art and culture, I'll go to a museum.  Still, swapping a 911's six for that of an innovative Chevy is a step too far even for a philistine like me...

So, how to have fun and troll purists?  Get an old Porsche 912, the base four cylinder equipped model made between 1965 and 1969, and swap in a breathed-on Corvair boxer six.  The old air-cooled GM motor can be had in good shape for a couple of hundred bucks, and based on what a friend's done with his Corvair powered dune buggy, they can be tuned up just as cheaply.  You'd have a reasonable facsimile of the real 911 experience for a fraction of the cost, plus the feeling of well-being that comes with the knowledge that your car's very existence makes guys in crested polos sad and angry.  As the video below demonstrates, they even sound pretty similar (which is to say fantastic) with a nice, free flowing exhaust.

sorry for the iffy quality, it's nearly impossible to find a decent Corvair exhaust video...

Take the weedy, old, glorified VW flat four and turn it into a numbers matching coffee table, photograph it with a stack of Corvair books on it, then post it to every 911 forum you can find.  Or put it in a Corvair, whatever.

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