Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Adventures in Craigslisting

More than a month ago, I wrote a seller about a pretty nice FC RX-7.  The car was located in Phoenix, Arizona - I'm in San Diego, California.  Here's what I wrote, unedited:

"Hi there,

I'm interested in your RX-7.  I'd be coming from San Diego and since it's such a long trip, I have some questions:

Are there any electrical, suspension (struts, ball joints, tie rod ends etc.), drivetrain (clutch, engine, starter, trans), bodywork, interior, smog or other issues?  I don't expect the car to be perfect, I'm ready for a project, I just want to know what I'm potentially getting into first.  Could you please send me some more detailed pictures of the interior, exterior, engine etc?  A higher resolution would be great if possible.

I'm sorry if I've come across as demanding, but I promise I won't flake, low-ball or waste your time.



Today, nearly 6 weeks later, he responds:

"send me ur phone number I need to know your not wasting my time there are a lot of scammers on CL" - please note, grammar and spelling are all his.

I replied:

"Yeah there are a lot of idiots on Craigslist.  I wrote you over a month ago, good luck."

A few minutes later:

"Sorry but how was I suposed to kno you werent a scammer you sounded a lot like a nigerian the way they write thats why I didnt write back first"

I'm not about to be dragged down to this guy's level, so that's where our conversation ends.

That said, if I were to reply once more, it'd be something along the lines of:

"Yes, because Nigerians living in mud floor huts made of donkey shit bricks exercise good grammar, spelling, and ask detailed questions specifically related to the item being sold."


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  1. I blame the Arizona heat. Good luck with your hunt.

    1. Thanks, but I don't need another project. It probably worked out for the best. I'm tempted to by something old and finicky, but I should just save my money towards a down on that RX-8.

  2. Inquiring about the ball joints and tie rod ends was a dead giveaway for a Nigerian scammer for sure.