Saturday, September 8, 2012

Goo-Net Unobtanium - Fuck You, Canada

Goo-net Exchange, for those not familar, is a site that facilitates the sale and shipment of used cars from Japan to overseas customers.

Browsing Goo for JDM goodies is my favorite form of self-flagellation, and today I ran a search for R32 Skyline GT-Rs.  Scanning through the dozens of results, most are clean, well-maintained, have less than 100,000 km on the clock, and start at about $7,000 US.  Yep, a low-mileage GT-R for the cost of a beater Corolla.

For similar money, there are FD RX-7s, MkIV Supras, AE86s, Integra Type Rs, Turbo Z32s, Cappuccinos, AZ-1s, STIs, loaded twin turbo Legacy wagons and tons of other super-cool stuff.  Selection is massive - right now, there are 314,563 listings.

Canada allows importation of foreign market cars 15 years or older, while here in The States the law says 25 years and up.  Drat.  The very first R32s date from 1989, but the earliest I've seen listed for sale was a '91.  Come 2016, I may have to learn how to shift with my left.

currently up for sale on Goo

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