Friday, September 28, 2012

How to Sound like a Gallardo V10

The Littlest Lambo is by far the best sounding "baby" supercar currently made, not to mention the prettiest.  It may be aging quickly, and not nearly up to the game-changing technical and dynamic standards of the newer 458 and MP4-12C, but it easily beats those two on raw, visceral appeal.

Having heard a lot of Gallardos run out through the gears in person, I can say this is a very good facsimile.  There needs to be some sort of music scholarship for this kind of rare talent, how else are we to preserve such mechanical symphonies in the impending age of electric commuter lozenges?

This kid goes pretty in depth, so if you're impatient just skip ahead to 5:25 for the good bit.

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  1. That is strange, sad, awesome, impressive and amazing all at the same time...