Monday, October 1, 2012

F355 Music - The Best Six Minutes of Your Day

The prettiest and best-sounding V8 Ferrari, hands down.  This one is a GTS, combining the purer lines of the Berlinetta with the open-air experience of the Spider.  I'll take mine in grigio titaliano with dark blue leather, manual gearbox.  Oh yeah, and a full Capristo exhaust.  Desert Island (presumably with some great driving roads) car material.

A friend of a friend owns a pristine manual Berlinetta, and he does all his own work - minor to major - as well.  I need to interview him.

Enough words, turn it up loud and press play.



  1. I only have two word to say FLAT CRANK!

  2. I'll give you the " best-sounding V8 Ferrari" but the prettiest is still and forever, the 288 GTO. The beautiful fluid lines of the old 308, but with the extra visual muscle of the longer wheel base, wider fenders and solid buttresses.