Sunday, October 21, 2012

Snow Bus


  1. Love this picture, I'd love to take pictures like this of my Z32 in the winter time, but I think I'll be too occupied trying to keep it on the road.

    1. How do you like your Z32? I've long toyed with the idea of picking up a clean high-miler for cheap, loved that car since it was new and I was a boy.

    2. I like it, mines not a TT model though, its a 2+2, but its still a blast to drive, and has some of the most jaw dropping performance for an N/A, however when the snow starts falling, there's no hope for it, unless you put it on tank treads, but otherwise, its just driving nirvana to me, and it stands as my most favorite car of all time.

    3. Must be nice to drive your dream car everyday. The NA models are really nice, you don't need turbos to have fun. The ones I was thinking about were NA 2 seaters, but nice ones are getting hard to come by.