Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Design Tuesday - My 1972 Seiko 6138-3002

I love nice Swiss watches as much as the next guy, but in my opinion a lot of vintage Seikos offer the same level style and quality for a fraction of the price,

This is my first, complete with incorrect but very complimentary croc band, though I would love to get the correct bracelet, too.  It's a South American model, and you can have the days in Spanish or English - I think the latter is cooler.  Domingo is the only day of the week indicated in red rather than white, and is consequently the day the old beauty looks its best.

It's a simple, elegant design but also rewards with a lot of subtle touches that one only discovers with repeated wears.  For example, the dial is made of four separate layers, giving the face a lot of depth and character.  Depending on the light, the face may appear gray, deep blue or an oxidized-copperish kind of dark green.  The quality of finish is beautiful, with some surfaces wearing a mildly machined texture, while others are smooth and further polished with handling.  The case features numerous chamfers, bevels and tapers - it just looks and feels expensive.  It's also very versatile, good for dressing up or down.

It was freshly regulated when I bought it about a year ago, and has kept nearly perfect time since, with only minimal adjustment needed about once a week provided it's worn frequently. 

If I have kids, they'll be inheriting it someday.

what it will look like with correct, original oyster bracelet

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