Thursday, December 13, 2012

Carmusic - EB110 Driven Hard

Regular readers will know I have a serious thing for the Bugatti EB110.  Sadly, there is very little quality video documentation of this amazing car floating around the interwebs, so when I stumbled upon this a few minutes ago I nearly jumped out of my chair with excitement - then I got to 0:49 and I literally did just that, while also squealing and giggling like a little girl at a One Direction concert during a Pixy Stix binge.

Best.  Video.  Ever.


  1. I'm sure you also saw this one from the same guy's Youtube channel:

    Someone's very clearly doing it right.

    1. I hadn't looked through the channel yet, clearly I need to. That is one of the baddest-ass/funniest things I've seen in a while - thanks man!

    2. You need to make a day trip up to Oxnard and check out the EB110 at the Bugatti museum.

    3. It's been in the works for years - I'm a huge fan of Ettore-era Bugatti also. Maybe after I'm done with this damn never-ending kitchen remodel I'll finally make it out. It'd be fun to cover for the blog.