Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cars & Coffee Photo Dump

I've had hundreds of C&C, Irvine photos languishing on my hard drive for months now.  Shot over the last few Saturdays of summer, these are some of my favorites.

snapped by my lovely wife, Anna, with her phone - too cool not to include.  all others are hi-res shot with a proper camera


  1. In the picture with a lot of silver cars, what's the car to the right of the 1st gen skyline? Which Alfa roadster is that with the hood up? Also, which is the silver car in the picture below the white whaletail? Also, to which car does the 12 cylinder below it belong?

    Sorry for so many questions.

    1. Hi Siddh,

      No need to apologize, I'm happy to answer your questions.

      In order asked:

      Lexus IS-F

      I'm not sure what kind of Alfa that is, but they both appeared to be early post-war specials based around 2600 sixes - whether they're period or made to look so I can't say, but what I can be sure of is that they were sexy as hell and are worth a lot of money.

      Some kind of custom Porsche 550 replica hotrod coupe - it was gorgeous!

      The 12 cylinder belongs to a 512BB, the same black one who's interior is pictured above.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Thanks very much!
    That Alfa is special.
    The Porsche does indeed look very 550-ish, love it.
    Between the Nissans, the NSX, and the 917, there's just too many of my all-time favourite cars in these pictures.

    I live in India, where people rarely understand the concept of a driver's car; the prevalent attitude performance cars should be things that you show off, making Lambos and Ferraris the only ones you get to see. Necessity makes small hatchbacks the large majority of cars on the road. Those who truly enjoy driving thus end up sticking to Ford Fiestas and Civics, as few can afford to buy a car like an R34 Skyline, which would have to be imported at much greater cost than the price of the same car in the US or Japan.

    I thoroughly enjoy blogs like this as they cover every aspect of what makes cars beautiful; aesthetics, engineering, and the sheer thrill of them. Thanks!

    1. Siddh,

      Cars & Coffee is overwhelming, everywhere you look there's exotic and special machines, and with a very casual and relaxed atmosphere.

      What do you drive in India?

      Thank you for the kind words.