Friday, December 7, 2012

Cutaway Friday - Giulietta


  1. This is a Nuova Giulietta, '77-'85. It's not an Alfetta though in actuality, it was a new generation Alfetta, built on the same chassis.

    The AE82 series Corolla is a blatant copy of this car's design.

    1. Thanks for the correction, Patrick.

      Besides being small, boxy, F/R sedans I don't see much similarity between the two, though, with the transaxle rear and independent rear of the Alfa and the more conventionally placed gearbox and solid axle rear of the AE82.

    2. Oh of course not; I meant stylingwise. And the AE82 was the 1st generation FWD Corolla. The AE86 was the RWD coupe everyone's obsessed with.

      AE82 sedan design is a clear rip off of this; especially the C-pillar and taillights.

    3. Yes, I thought that might be what you were getting at - I agree completely.