Monday, December 17, 2012

You Should Follow Taki Inoue on Twitter

Known to all F1 fans as the worst driver to ever be hit in the leg by a Tatra safety car, it also turns out he's got a great sense of humor about himself and possibly a drinking problem, too.

Here's a few of his recent tweets:

'I've been waiting for the phone call from Mercedes AMG F1. I'm really ready for the team principal position. But my phone is very quiet.'

'Jesus! Kamui support donation total amount almost reaches 1.5 M euros. This amount will cover my drinking budget for 10 years easily.'

'What? Charles Pic has officially been passed on seventy occasions as a record. More than me? Impossible! How?'

'Sad to say, I lost an opportunity to get a job in the HRT for 2013, but now I'm going to apply for a special extinguisher man to Marussia.'

'No electricity since early this morning due to fire near my apartment. No wifi, no coffee, no heater. But my right hand still works.'

'In America there were so many titty bar locally. When I was grabbing a bite to eat at Hooters, I couldn't concentrate to eat and drink'

"Oh dear, I must change my living strategy. Stop drinking first.'

'My most valuable collection are gravels of every single GP circuit! When I went off, my car always got a lot of gravels. I kept them.'

'Macau GP week!! I love Macau GP. Because No W*nkers, only serious drivers. That's why I couldn't race in Macau.'

'If Ma Qing Hua signed with HRT as a race driver for 2013, I'm sure Taki Inoue would lose his position of legend of the moving chicane.'

'Micheal, never mind. I scored zero point in my whole F1 races. Zero point in last four races means nothing.'

'Alonso says what he is fighting with is not Vettel but Newey. And what I was fighting with was not F1 car but safety car.'

Follow him @takiinoue

Inoue, his fire extinguisher, and a Tatra

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