Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4AGE Evolution


  1. Before I tear into this let me just preface by saying I adore this blog,so don't think I'm just trolling here.

    This graphic has really been grinding my gears since I saw it start to make its way around the internet within the last few years. It is terribly misleading. Basically it is impossible to identify a 16valve 4A-GE by the colors of its valve covers. The ONLY way to know for sure is to check the block to see if it has 3 ribs (early style, lighter internals, revs nicer, weaker) or 7 ribs (later style, heavier internals, revs less nicely, much stronger). And check the cylinder head intake ports. If the ports are two circles per cylinder, it's a "smallport" head (early style, generally accepted as better for making NA power). If the ports are one elongated oval per cylinder, it's a later "bigport" head (later style, used on NA and SC motors).

    TL;DR - paint means nothing, look at the block ribs and head ports.

    1. Oh, I know - it peeved me a bit as well, but I couldn't pass on such a cool graphic. I'm just a whore to aesthetics, I guess.

      Your AW11-themed posting on oppo is a large part of my motivation to get back into the first gen game. I miss my '89 soooo much. I'll probably go with a Silvertop this time.

    2. I really love it when people make illustrations of engines like that (referring to the art style). I really wish someone would draw up a really nice one of a 4A-GZE. I think it would make pretty cool tattoo material.