Friday, January 4, 2013

Cars & Coffee, Irvine - 12/22/12

After posting those C&C photos from the 12/29/12 show the other day, I then discovered I had more from the previous week's show.  So I say to hell with continuity, order, ration and all those things that normally rule my slightly OCD world - here's some non-chronologically ordered shots I took!


  1. I've always harbored a fondness for the Biturbo; their reputation is justified, though I have frequently imagined modifying one with an Alfa V6 and modern electronics.

    Otherwise, some charming juxtapositions -- I particularly enjoy the Prius in the background of the Ford GT photo.

    1. I like your Alfa swap idea.

      The Prius is there every single week, in the same spot - it has chrome wheels and tacky pinstripes, and that's about it. The owner must be suffer from some kind of mental or social disability.

  2. I love the Bitrouble. My '84 is undergoing a 2.8l fuel injected swap from an '89 430.

    Mechanically, they are very solid cars. The biggest issues were the fuse box (it had a flexible printed circuit board that wasn't the greatest idea) and the blow through carb setup. They should have kept it off the market until they could have made it fuel injected.

    The differentials are weak in the earliest cars, but the later "Ranger" diffs are Quaife in all but name. The only other major issue is adjusting the damned valves - because there are two intake valves actuated via one cam bucket, getting everything set correctly is a pain in the ass.

    One thing that is better than the Alfa V6 (I previously had a Milano 2.5) is the timing belt, there is MUCH more belt wrap than the Busso V6 in the Alfa. That said, timing belt interval is still ridiculously short. But timing belts are easy on both cars.

    The Alfa V6 being 60* might be too tall to fit under the stock hood of a Biturbo, the Biturbo's V6 has a 90* V.

    Both engines are great. My Alfa was parked and driving it for the first time after a month of driving the Biturbo was shocking. The Alfa engine revs with gusto, begging for more. The Biturbo is more like a hammer, especially at elevated boost levels. The Alfa sings while the Biturbo sounds like a pair of pissed off Harleys - in a good way though. The odd-fire V6 is a unique sound, mine has straight pipes after the turbo, so it isn't something that you can mistake for anything else.

    1. m4ff3w,

      I knew you had a Bitrouble (love that, BTW), thanks for chiming in here. I've wanted a Milano for years, but feel the Biturbo might be more of an interesting experience, if not as rewarding a drive.

      I've read similar things regarding reliability, that besides the few issues you've mentioned any other trouble is mostly down to neglect or general Italian-level annoyances rather than anything catastrophic.

      Like a pair of pissed-off Harleys, eh? I'd love to hear that, but there's no really good videos of Biturbos on youtube.

      What else do you/have you owned?

    2. You should buy this:

      He says it has a very bitchen rear end, so I'd think that would be one of the LSD rears.

      The fuel injected cars are worth the extra price of admission, but that one seems like a good buy.

      A video of mine idling with the original 2.5l:

      The pinnacle of my ownership:

      The more interesting of the cars I've owned:
      '87 Nissan 200SX (S12)
      '74 Datsun 260Z
      '90 Taurus SHO
      '84 Celica GT
      '88 Yugo GVX (with Fiat 1500 Swap)
      '91 Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon (coilovers, bigger turbo, lots of boost, hotter cam, lots of other mods)
      '86 BMW 325e
      '81 Fiat X1/9 (with Megasquirt running the fuel injection)
      '88 Merkur XR4ti (light blue in pic above)
      '87 Alfa Milano Gold (dark blue in pic above)
      '84 Bitrouble
      '94 Saab 900S
      '89 Benz 190E
      '88 Benz 300TE
      '77 Fiat X1/9

      Currently working on a '92 Mitsu Montero for a camping/beach/tow vehicle as well. Bought it with a cooked engine.

    3. That's an awful meaty idle for a little 2.5. That driveway scene is inspiring - if I drove by a house like that I'd feel compelled to pull over with some beers and chat up the owner. Nice list of past toys, too. Been hankering for a nineties Japanese 4x4 myself lately, maybe a Montero or Trooper. Good luck with yours.

  3. Is that an AM Zagato hiding in the third from last pic?! Ooooffff