Thursday, January 17, 2013

Flat Eight Powered 914 - The 914/8

Built in 1969 and based on a surplus, prototype 914 shell (hence the quad headlights and other non-production details), it was powered by a de-tuned type 908, 3 liter flat eight producing 260 HP @ 7,500 RPM.  The car now resides in Stuttgart at the Porsche Museum.

Photo source

Here's a 908 motor on the dyno - the idea of this thing in a 914 is just plain nuts.


  1. Can you imagine taking that thing to 9400 RPM? That would be great fun.

  2. I have seen this car in real life at the Porsche Museum. Only 2 were produced, one was for Dr. Ferry himself. The type code is in fact 914/8. I suspect the project was quietly killed off, as this car would have surely overshadowed the 911.


    1. Etienne,

      I must someday make a pilgrimage to Stuttgart myself, Porsche's museum seems dream-like.

      I read elsewhere that Ferry hated the thing and refused to drive it...

    2. the 914 never needed more than 4 pistons, Imagine a 914 with a flat 12. wrong platform for a Vw.