Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tempo G1200 - Twin Engined 2 Stroke 4WD Madness

Manufactured by the same company behind the Matador (heads up to Maxichamp for the link), the G1200 was originally built in 1936 to compete for a Landwehr contract, for which it was ultimately rejected.  Before it was halted by WWII, Tempo exported the truck to foreign militaries with moderate success.  1335 were built before production ended in 1943.

The G1200 had two water-cooled, 600cc, 2 stroke vertical twins, one in front and one in rear, each with its own gearbox.  With independent suspension similar to Tatra's swing axle design, it was probably pretty capable - it certainly looks so in the video below.

Here's a link to where I first discovered this weird, awesome little thing.

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