Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Typisch BMW Fahrer Cartoons

I posted one of these a while back, but just discovered that there's a whole series out there, apparently all done by the same artist.  Some of them are universally funny, others don't translate too well - perhaps a native German speaker can shed some light for the rest of us?

Translations all according to Google - this one comes out as: 'Space do you ass!  Otherwise I push you the suitcase space into the glove box!  I'll take it!'

I gather it's something about the typical BMW driver's fat ass...

'Move aside you ass!  Otherwise I'll shove your trunk in your glovebox!  OK, Ill take this one.'

Thanks to the anonymous commenter below for this translation.

'I'm glad he found a shady spot!'

'Hey!  What the fridge is the matter now?  Who's the BMW driver here?'

'Give it a rest, man!  Chip-tuning does nothing!!'

Sign on roof: 'driving school', speech bubble: 'No!  Don't do that Mr. Müller!  First the blinker, then the flasher!'

'Photograph more quietly! Feel free to continue photographing!  It's important he gets used to the speed trap camera!'  

I couldn't find a translation for blitzerei, perhaps it's slang?  Thanks to _Mécanicien and Maxabillion J for the translation!

'BMW driver!  I'm already driving too fast, but he still wants to pass!'

'My new distance warner!  If I fall back more than two meters, it beeps!'

'If I didn't have these new snow tires, we'd be pretty screwed!'


  1. First one: "Move aside you ass! Otherwise I'll shove your trunk in your glovebox! OK, Ill take this one"

    second one: I'm glad we found a cute spot.

    Number six: "blitzerei" refers to the flashes made by the cameras in speed traps. I'm not a native speaker of either German or English, but I guess you understand what I mean.

    1. Ah, thanks!

      The speed trap camera one had already been solved by another reader who commented elsewhere.


  2. Minor correction:

    "Fotografieren sie ruhig weiter" means "feel free to continue photographing"

    1. Ah, thanks Max - I'll correct it now.

  3. B.E. here, fucking awesome find. and thanks for the link to my blog.

    1. I love your work, man, happy to know you're reading!

  4. The last one contains a "wordplay" so your "mot a mot" translation is not good.

    He is saying something like: it is good that we have the winter tires with us, otherwise we would have been long outside the road.

    (reifen)"drauf haben" can be understood as "mounted tires" or "tires on top of the car" this is the joke.
    Actually he is driving in winter with the winter tires on top of his car instead of having them installed :) Both cases "drauf haben"