Monday, February 4, 2013

George Lopez - CARB Fugitive

Watched the latest George Lopez HBO special, 'It's Not Me, It's You' last night.  Of course it was excellent from beginning to end, but this scene from the intro made me laugh especially hard, as it's a scenario I can relate to - the never-ending beater project car.  

It's got surface rust for paint but you wax it twice a month.  Howling wheel bearings neglected for a rare trim piece found on eBay.  It never, ever passes smog regardless of how much Sea Foam you use, so you drive around on your third test extension that may or may not have expired last Wednesday.  Everyone thinks it's an old piece of ahit (because it is) and that you're wasting your time and money (because you are), but true love is blind - until it gets impounded and you're presented with a $700 release bill, at which point you just say 'fuck it' and let them crush it.

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