Friday, February 22, 2013

Driving Music / Couching TV - UK Garage Edition

I love UK hip hop subculture.  I've been thrust back into listening to garage nearly round the clock after watching BBC's brilliant 2011 miniseries, Top Boy.  If you're a fan of The Wire (if you've seen it and you're not, GTFO and never come back) I highly recommend it.  Catch it on Netflix before it's removed from rotation.

To me, Burial is undisputed king of the genre.  This is the kind of stuff I like to listen to in the LS400 while cruising around on dark, rainy nights - menacing, deeply layered, with sharp, crunchy beats, eerie melodies and voice sampling.  It's incredibly sophisticated music made with less than £500 worth of hopelessly outdated software on an ancient PC.  All beats are laid manually rather than by a digital sequencer, endowing them with a beautiful and totally unique, organic texture.


  1. My ultimate driving soundtrack is also Burial's track:

    1. I hadn't heard that remix, thanks for sharing.