Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Frankenheimer's Grand Prix - Promotional LP Recording

I found this LP at a swap meet a few years back, but my turntable died shortly afterwards so I never had a chance to listen to it, until today.  Over the weekend I scored a very clean Technics SL-1200 MKII in perfect working order for only $200, and that included a very expensive cartridge.  I'm still smiling about it.

It was worth the wait - it starts off with interesting and insightful interviews with Phil Hill, Graham Hill and the filmmaker himself, John Frankenheimer.  Next are some absolutely incredible field recordings of various cars around Monza, Monte Carlo, Spa Francorchamps and Brands Hatch, from both outside and inside the cockpit.  What you hear in the video below is likely the record's first ever playback, as it was still partially sealed in cellophane and looked pristine, the few small specks of dust audible in the recording probably from nearly 50 years of storage.

Both photos are direct scans of the album cover, and are very high resolution - open in a new tab to view detailed track information including approximate start times.

pressed for time?  skip to 18:00

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