Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Small Numbers - Suzuki Alto Works

You've probably noticed I have a thing for complex miniaturization - hence my appreciation of the Alto Works.  Here's the numbers: 660 cc, 3 cylinders, 2 cams, 12 valves, 1 turbocharger, 8,500 RPM, 4 wheel drive, 670 kg.  Being a Kei car, they were legally limited to 64 PS (63 HP), but are easily tuned to nearly 200 HP without internal modification.  

Check out this guy's write-up on a 175 HP FWD example he used to own.  Also impressive is this sub six second 0-100 km/h speedometer video.

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  1. I have a Non-works Alto, 796 cc, SOHC but the same basic block. I love the way those 3 cylinders sound, almost like a motorbike