Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tatra T603 Marathon de la Route Replica on eBay

Sweet baby Jeebus, I want this car so bad I can implode.  If I had some kind of insider help that allowed even a 40% chance of a successful bank robbery I'd be wearing pantyhose on my face right now and then driving this tomorrow.  I'd keep the hose mask in the glovebox in case a cooling fan belt broke, or to facilitate another smash and grab in order to fund a month long trip to the Czech Republic spent hunting a replacement clutch slave cylinder.  And drinking Pilsner.

Found on Bring a Trailer - not my story, another writer beat me to the punch.

Two T613's followed by Eccora's T700-based 'Sport V8' racer and finally an original factory Rally T603.  The noise is incredible - imagine mixing an air-cooled 911 with a GT40.

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