Monday, February 11, 2013

Tatra T813 - The Baddest Truck

With swing axle backbone chassis and air-cooled, turbocharged, multi-fuel, roller-bearing crank 17.6 liter V12.  Built in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 configurations from 1967-82.

Used from $8,350!  I want one for the desert.  I might not make it up competition dune as fast as the buggies, quads and bikes, but I'd be in a 16 ton, 30' long, Czech truck belching black smoke fifty feet into the air from a sewer pipe-sized vertical exhaust stack - a win for style every time.

Photo 1, and inspiration for this piece, courtesy of reader Matija Dagović.

First video is a T813 showing off its axle articulation on an uneven brick road in Tatra's Kopřivnice proving grounds, second is a cool compilation of Soviet Bloc offroaders (watch for the T813 at 1:24 mark), and finally, third is in-cabin test drive footage with a great megadiesel soundtrack.

Awesome homebuilt 1/10 scale RC T813 build thread (in Czech, worth translating) here.


  1. Another awesome post, thanks for using the photo I've sent you. :)

  2. probably the most famous video of Tatra 813