Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Gear Season 19 Episode 2 - That Yellow LFA

I shot this video of a similar LFA at Cars & Coffee, Irvine, back in October of 2011.  Irvine is in Southern California, about 90 miles north of San Diego, where I live, but most exhibitors drive their cars down from their homes in LA, about 40 miles to the north.  Though wearing a dealer plate at the time of recording, the car has most likely since passed into private hands, and almost certainly within the LA area - the wealth on display anywhere near Hollywood is obscene bordering on offensive, to the point that the sight of a sun-colored ultramegacar wouldn't even cause most to look twice.  With that in mind, I believe this is probably the same car driven by Jeremy in the latest episode of Top Gear UK.

Anyway, I adore the LFA and feel that a lot of enthusiasts have unfairly written it off due in large part to the car's nearly half million dollar price tag.  Without opening that hornet's nest (ok, let's take a peek - totally worth it IMO), I was very pleased to hear Clarkson say that not only would he take a dark blue LFA over any other car ever built, but that it's also probably his favorite car of all time.

Listen to me completely lose my cool when the driver revs it up a bit.  I was stationed inches from that wild triple exhaust exit and I still remember the warmth of the spent gasses on my face.


  1. That car belongs/belonged? to Lexus of Escondido. I spoke to the sales manager about it when it arrived and he told me it was not for sale and would be kept by the dealership is a display item. Last I saw of it, it was on the 3rd floor by the restaurant- probably worth checking out of you're in the SD area.

    1. Interesting, thanks for that. I know dealerships frequently lend cars out for filming, I'll have to stop by and ask if the TG car was theirs.