Thursday, March 14, 2013

Squashing the Slow Down

I've recently been away visiting family, and have been swamped with work as well - sorry for the slow down.  Things will be back to normal now.  As always, thanks for your readership - it means a lot.

Here's some cool stuff I found at thisisthedailyrad - check it out.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wallpaper Wednesday - Frank Stella 3.0 CSL

As always, open in new tab for hi-res.

Inspired by some Stella exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago I saw last week with my alumni mom.

Remember when CAR was a good magazine?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Slow Week - YouTubing in Chitown

Back home visiting family.  Discovered this great BBC documentary series called 'Timeshift' while browsing YouTube on the flight out.  Each episode covers a large cultural shift in 20th Century Britain.

This episode is my favorite so far, all are pretty awesome though.

This song is featured throughout and it nearly blew my ears off - Shazam'd it and here it is:

Sadly, the rest of his music is pretty corny and not even the same DJ Krush-esque style.  One moment of artistic genius per lifetime is still an impressive record, though.

Below is the excerpt that turned me on to the show.  It's actually from an entirely different series called 'Michael Smith's Drivetime', but searching for it only turned up Timeshift episodes.  Tragically the rest of the video doesn't seem to be available anywhere, not even through the BBC iPlayer.  A thousand and one blessings - or maybe an old car book or 1/43 model - unto whoever comes through with a good source for the entire thing.

My brother-in-law Gil drives an '87 VW Jetta coupe with some sort of hybrid head/block 2.0 8 valve swap (care to share the specs, man?).  It's very clean and very quick with something north of 160 HP in a one ton car, and it sounds like nothing else - imagine half a 302 Ford with a lumpy cam.  Anyway, VW man sent me this Fifth Gear video of a nitrous-equipped MKIII Golf racing an NSX driven by Tiff Needell.  Full unintresting circle, I found the MKII Jag exhaust video in the poster's uploads - didn't that thing sound unbelievable?

Tomorrow I'm going to the restaurant featured in the video below at 16:12.  Last time I was here my wife and I had the best meal of our lives at the restaurant at 36:24.  Watch this video to get an idea of why I miss it here so much - SoCal is pretty fucking rad but it ain't got shit on Chicago, which, as it was once described to me, 'is like New York but with friendly people and no piss smell'.  Someday we're relocating, it's too goddamned sunny in San Diego. 

Also, Bourdain's my hetero life partner.

Here's something I wrote about the amazing Marina City hotel we stayed at last time we were here in November of last year.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Freelancing with Petrolicious

And my first piece was just published today.  You're probably already familiar with their excellent series of video essays.  I'm super-excited to be working with such a talented and driven group of people, who also happen to have superb taste in all things vintage Automobilia.  More, and more in-depth, to come.

Mean Things I Think About the New LaFerrari

First - what an utterly witless, bizarre name.  It sounds like something Tila Tequila would name her daughter.  If only the stylists had been given access to the same psychotropic cocktail as those within the marketing team who were responsible for naming it, perhaps we'd have more to look at than a hybrid 458 with dihedral doors.  While not an ugly car, it's certainly not interesting looking either - it's simply unimaginative and by-the-numbers, not what one would expect of a car slated to replace one of the most polarizing Ferrari shapes of all time, the Enzo.

Once rising upstarts like Koenigsegg and Pagani are now well established and respected manufacturers occupying the same outer stratosphere of ultracar exclusivity that in the past Ferrari had all to themselves - something they're surely keenly aware of.  All the more strange, then, that they've taken such a conservative route with their new flagship, especially when one considers how innovative their past top range offerings have been.

Ferrari's main competition for the (ugh) LaFerrari is the upcoming McLaren P1, a stunning car which truly breaks new ground in technology, performance and style - honestly, which would you prefer?  It's time the storied halls of Maranello take a step back and re-evaluate their work with a more objective and less arrogant point of view, or risk losing their historic place atop the exotic sports car hill.  Last time Ferrari was this complacent, Honda nearly put them out of business.

FB RX-7 on ITB's and Megasquirt

I dig these MK1 RX-7's more and more as time passes.

Like the man says, he needs an LSD.

Innocenti Mini De Tomaso Turbo

Kjell Qvale in Bank Advertisement

By far the coolest bank ad I've ever seen.  

There's a local Qvale Mangusta I see from time to time, and while they may not be the most homogenously styled car ever built, they have a very captivating presence in person, with, in isolation, lots of elegant and interesting detail.  I'd love to own one someday, SN95 Mustang dash, engine, transmission and all.