Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mean Things I Think About the New LaFerrari

First - what an utterly witless, bizarre name.  It sounds like something Tila Tequila would name her daughter.  If only the stylists had been given access to the same psychotropic cocktail as those within the marketing team who were responsible for naming it, perhaps we'd have more to look at than a hybrid 458 with dihedral doors.  While not an ugly car, it's certainly not interesting looking either - it's simply unimaginative and by-the-numbers, not what one would expect of a car slated to replace one of the most polarizing Ferrari shapes of all time, the Enzo.

Once rising upstarts like Koenigsegg and Pagani are now well established and respected manufacturers occupying the same outer stratosphere of ultracar exclusivity that in the past Ferrari had all to themselves - something they're surely keenly aware of.  All the more strange, then, that they've taken such a conservative route with their new flagship, especially when one considers how innovative their past top range offerings have been.

Ferrari's main competition for the (ugh) LaFerrari is the upcoming McLaren P1, a stunning car which truly breaks new ground in technology, performance and style - honestly, which would you prefer?  It's time the storied halls of Maranello take a step back and re-evaluate their work with a more objective and less arrogant point of view, or risk losing their historic place atop the exotic sports car hill.  Last time Ferrari was this complacent, Honda nearly put them out of business.


  1. An interesting opinion. I personally quite like it, however my opinion may not count for much considering that I think the P1 looks like its melted.

  2. I think this car looks amazing all around. The back end of the P1 is great, but the front needs some work. Not every hypercar needs to look like it came from a crazy new Polish supercar company (Lamborghini Veneno). Ferrari is also a totally different company than Koenigsegg and Pagani.

    1. I think the Veneno is quite awful, actually.

      I'm not suggesting that a supercar has to be a 6th grade boy's dream car sketch brought to life, just that, to me, the (ugh) LaFerrari is too derivative of previously existing Ferrari's. Of course, there has to be visible family design DNA in a halo car for it to be an effective marketing tool, but they've played it too safe IMO - it just evokes no visceral reaction for me.

  3. Right on brother, think both Ferrari and Lamborghini designs are ungainly, letting the wind-shaped P1 shine through, for the simple reason it's the purest example of the new breed of hypercar.