Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bryan Cranston's August 2013 GQ Photo Shoot

I'm a huge fan of Cranston's Walter White on Breaking Bad, and place him second only to Jon Hamm's Don Draper in Mad Men as the best acted, most compelling character on TV today - an order likely more down to my slight preference for the latter show than any discernible difference in talent between the two.  Either way, both shows are superb examples of how we're currently in the midst of what many consider to be the "Golden Age" of television drama, and I highly recommend checking them both out if you haven't already.

I stumbled upon this photo spread on GQ's site earlier today and of course immediately fell in love with the theme.  I recognize the lowrider as an Olds Cutlass, but what's the red convertible?  I'm pretty sure it's a FoMoCo product, but that's as narrow a description I've got in me.

Edit: it's a Galaxie, thanks to reader Ravuya.



  1. It's a Galaxie convertible. Not sure about trim.

  2. The convertible is a 1968 Galaxie 500. The green coupe is an '81 or newer Buick Regal. The wheel arches of the Olds Cutlass are more square.