Thursday, August 8, 2013

Senna's NSX For Sale - Think You Can Heel & Toe?

Even if this NSX's only special attributes were that it's a low-mileage, 100% original, stock, pristine survivor, it'd be something truly special.  Add to this list previous stewardship under arguably the greatest driver who ever lived and you're left with something several orders of magnitude more valuable than a mere flawless example of a machine whose superb handling he's credited for honing - this is holy grail material.

Here he is extracting every last milligram of performance across every spare millimeter of Suzuka in the kind of slip-on loafers you might use to run and check the mail.  I doubt I'm as relaxed during REM sleep as he seems to be clipping apexes on the extreme razor's edge.  Peep the heel/toe - superhuman skill.

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