Friday, September 13, 2013

Death on the Boards - Robert Williams, Mr. Bitchin'

So apparently Hulu has movies, too - who knew.  Found this gem about the counter culture artist and founder of Juxtapoze Robert Williams there recently, and it's really good - funny, educational, weird, and apt.

Below is a clip of Williams explaining the history behind his 1992 painting "Death on the Boards".  It involves a 1 1/4 mile banked wooden board oval racetrack, closed since 1924, right in the opulent, plastic heart of Beverly Hills, CA, a Frontenac, a Duesenberg, and a man named Chevrolet.

The man's an OG hot rodder and badass and knows his cars really well - I like the pride he shows in knowing his canvas recreations are accurate to the last nut and bolt.  

I'm ordering a copy of the print for my office.  Hi-res image good for a desktop background.

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  1. Didn't even know about the culture of wooden race tracks across the USA. Great info.
    And the artwork is too cool - now I want one too!