Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dropping Soon - Bad Mommy Wagon Stage II

Last weekend my friend Travis photographed the Bad Mommy Wagon at a secret location here in San Diego. He's a fantastic, pro-level photographer and really killed these shots despite the less-than-ideal midday sun.

Here's the car as-is now riding on stock Outback suspension.

And here's a quick Photoshop. A bit lower than I have in mind, but damn close. It looks absolutely amazing and has lit a fire under my ass--all these suspension parts gathering dust in my office are finally going on next week. Too excited.

The specs: Tein Comfort Sport coilovers, Legacy GT rear upper/lower control arms, control arm mounts, sway bar mounts and bumpstops. The LGT components help correct both camber and otherwise limited suspension travel issues when lowering an Outback.

The goal: better-than-OEM ride comfort, massively reduced roll, sharper turn-in, more neutral handling balance, altogether more tied-down rear end.

Simultaneously, the car will also be receiving an STI catless up-pipe and Maddad "Shorty" divorced down-pipe. Combined with an ECU reflash from my Cobb Accessport I'll be running what's somewhat loosely defined as "Stage 2"--good in this case for about 370 HP/380 lb. ft. at the crankshaft. Later, a rolling road dyno or "pro-tune" has the potential to further increase these numbers.

Bone stock with 250 HP, this is a 5 second to 60 MPH car. Current Stage 1 (Accessport tune only) feels noticeably quicker. Stage 2 is going to be nutty, especially once I get these electric exhaust cut-outs installed...

Stay tuned.


  1. I just stumbled upon this after seeing your photoshopped lowering job on BaT many months ago (not realizing it was a 'chop) and using it as inspiration for my own OBXT. This isn't a chop:

    Have you done much else to the car?

    1. This is a chop, done a few weeks before actual Tein coilovers and LGT suspension components installed. It looks just like this. The car is running an STI catless uppipe, Maddad divorced "shorty" downpipe, Cobb Stage 2 Accessport tune, rear sway, poly bushings, and a few other things. It's about to retire from daily family duty, and since I won't be getting rid of it, over the years I plan on going pretty nuts--let's say 500 HP, 6-speed, big brakes etc.

      Those wheels look great, what are they?