Sunday, September 25, 2016

JCCS 2016: Low-Res Cellphone Photo Bazaar

The Neurotic family just returned from a nice 2.5 day weekend getaway to beautiful Orange County and (for a few hot, hectic, crazy busy hours) Long Beach, Californias.

With so many J-tin geeks in the LBC, it's kind of hard to get a decent photo of anything. But somehow, someway, I snapped a few shitty cellphone pics for that ass.

Just know that these photos represent probably <1% of the show. The quality, variety, presentation, and often, rarity of the cars (and bikes and trucks) in attendance is simply overwhelming.

the boy and I checking out the granddaddy Lancer Turbo :) <3 and other happy symbols that can be made with a keyboard
It's no surprise that JCCS remains an incredible, get-on-a-plane-worthy show, but 2016 marked its 12th anniversary, and it's sadly outgrown the pretty little patch of Queen Mary bayside parkland that's been home since '04.

Parking was full an hour after opening, lines for (packed) shuttle buses were hundreds of people long, and there's precious little space to pop up a few folding chairs or let a toddler burn off some steam like in years prior. Additionally, though it's being held a few weeks later than in the past, it was still well into the 90's, Fahrenheit-wise. If there are plans to expand within current confines, cars will either be parked fender mirror-to fender mirror or in the ocean.

In short, it's very much time for a change of venue, and perhaps a schedule adjustment as well.

Still had a blast, and scored a bunch of cool swag, too--more on that to come later.

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